Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Stepping up to the plate...

I've been working on my step outline for a project I've been drawn to lately. I can't stop. But it's not glamourous. It's using a pencil and writing on index cards. Thinking about how each event in the story builds and turns. Making sure each scene's initial value finishes with the opposite value. As McKee says, it's not impossible but it's not easy either.

I've begun to transfer the contents to Final Draft index cards. I'm not about to begin the treatment yet but I think its making me really look at the cards. I'll be rearranging them and trying to put in more. For example, I've begun the script with a cross-cutting scene that includes symbolism.

Once I have the step outline in a solid shape, I'll write up a 10 page synopsis and pitch it around. If I get the interest in others, I'll then write a full treatment.

I'm enjoying the process so far. It's included lots of research because its a docudrama of course.
On another topic. I had the thought yesterday that perhaps instead of yearbooks for highschools I could help in develop yeardvds. Instead of images - video. I think it has interesting connotations. What do you think?

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