Monday, March 02, 2009

What a week... now I'm weak.

Well, after a week with a really sick kid and my parnter and oldest in Montreal I'm beat. I feel burnt and have had a headache for a few days including today.
All is not lost though. I've watched Boogie Nights, There Will Be Blood and (rewatched) Crumb. Oh and most of Adaptation. More importantly, I took the week off from my course which I could and set into developing 'Sam Parks'. I've read and reread a number of chapters and newspapers articles. I have written out all my receipe cards through the whole thing which came out to about 45. A good start I think. I've also made it through 1/2 the articles and have highlighted dialogue or key concepts.
I continue to listen to McKee's story. I'm on the 3rd go through and about to start the 4th. Watched his interview on The Hour again as it appears on YouTube.
I'll be getting back to my course this week and put the 'Parks' project in the background again. I'll let the ideas germinate as I apply the story to my listening of Story. :)
Finally, I've purchased Alan Rosenthals book on writing Docudrama. Interesting.
What does this all mean? I think it means. Don't despair. Just keep pluggin' away and make the most of the time you have even if it's crappy. Work on and off and do the hard stuff non-glamorous stuff. Perhaps this is a lesson about how to work in these difficult financial times. Just keep sluggin' away with an eye on a few goals and see where it leads... I've heard it could be 10-20 years! Who is prepared for it? You?

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