Tuesday, November 17, 2009

DesignThinkers 2009 - Notes {3}


Trends – The chocolate room (poetics of space)
Looking how people behave
Be in a non-safe place to do work
10-20% time is charity work
No gambling
No cigarettes
No fast food
RFid Chips (know where they are when entering a building)
10 languages die every year
Evidence based design “ “ provide the framework with the brackets
Others put the stuff in the “ “
Bathroom stall graffiti
There is no free time, you have to make it

John Bredenfoerder – Colour strategy

Fridge magnet for pizza – where the customer makes the decision
Anticipate colour trends
Proof in final environment where its going to be seen

Tints – colour + white
Tone – colour + grey
Shade – colour + black

Medamerism – things look different in different lights
Red has physical effect
Colour phsycology – graph of influences & forecasts
But test context in context
Fads, trends and cycles influences > forecasting what direction is it 2010?

Facebook, United Nations bluc – community, earth light blue white
Mylife beige John Lennon’s imagine

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