Wednesday, November 18, 2009

DesignThinkers 2009 Notes {4}

Warren Berger - Glimmer

Everyone can learn from the way designers solve problems
Outside > Question > Fresh solutions and perspectives
Brian Collins, “Design is hope made visible”

Design to solve problems
Cheetah prosthetic vs. High heels
Seek the story of the Cheetah creator

Lateral thinking… outside influences to change existing reality
*intention, planning & make things better
Check these out: X02 Laptop, Luke arm, Deborah Adler, OXO tools, Tim Brown of –IDEO. Rewatch TED video

Design Thinking… How designers solve problems

Designers – hoard, huddle together, communal
Attack each other & caring

How Designers Work: Open possibility, will find a better way & challenge assumptions
1. Ask stupid questions – guts to ask why?
2. ?
3. Jumping fences
4. Make hope visible
5. Embrace constraints
6. Begin anywhere

Optimism – still possible to solve BIG problems1
Immerse yourself & go deep
Become a student of human behaviour
Understand audiences, be empathetic
Ask isn’t there a better way?

Lateral thinking – jumping fields, brining it back
Smart recombinations
A+ B = C
Connect things in new ways
Don’t reinvent the wheel
Don’t be afaid to imitate – put your spin on it
Don’t look in the usual places

Reread Edward De Bono’s Thinking Course book on Lateral thinking (I have it somewhere)

Ok to failure – Fail forward
Basement problem solvers
Example: Taxi’s Homeless jacket. Designer asked himself to solve the problem
Experience, empathize, question > solve the problems

Seek problems & solve them!!!

Redesign behaviour i.e. Pedigree – integrated so people could believe in you

Dog breeding > design?

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