Saturday, November 21, 2009

DesignThinkers 2009 Notes {6}

Stephen Doyle & Gael Towey

Martha Stewart

Editorialize – tell stories
Laboratory – create from scratch

Warm people up to stuff and then sell them i.e. glitter > glitter by number (Application on web?)
Colour sensibility
Vision (BIG idea) Figure out how to do it.

Robert Brunner – Ammunition

Ideas, not just objects
Token product guy

Disruption – How to harness
Connection - ?
Partnership – Has to be a balance
Do you matter? (Not for us)
Would they shed any tears if your company would no longer be around?

Bullshit meter > no veneer
Harley Davidson – tatooes > business guy thinks he’s a bad-ass

iPod > Apple Logo > Video > iTunes > iMovies > Packaging = My Music

Accessorize by leading designers
Look for clients in trouble! They are willing to take risks – simple Nook (two part – top read and bottom navigation)
Useable DOES NOT = Desirable
Useable > Useful > Desirable
Risk is NOT a four letter word > Innovation = Risk

4 Ideas
1. Playing with fire – BBQ “Fuego”
2. Sound matters – Beats by Dr. Dre “A lot of people owe me a lot of favours” – Jimmy
3. Wake up call – Dream surface – iPod App clock radio app Excitement fit & finish
4. Seeing the light – Regen; powered by light – solar calculator
Energy harvestor USB Collect and use power

Has to engage people – Interface to tell you stuff i.e. Energy use…
Fast Company magazine – Focus

It’s all about the idea

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