Monday, November 16, 2009

Roger Martin & Integrated Thinking... (Part 3)

Integrated Thinking (continued...)

See the value of validity AND reliability. Bring the two together. Obey the 5 rules on either side.

Strategies are about shortening your odds - not perfection. If you try to be right (perfect), you will never have a good strategy.

The tension b/w validity & reliability is important - especially in business sustainability.

Business can help edit out the designer's vision of the future. Use the power of the paradox. Caught between a rock and a hard place, create a new model. The relationship may at times seem like oil & water.

You have no choice. These ideas are at the root of great solutions.

Reject the notion that existing models = reality. Fight against such notions and ignore the status quo. Look for ways to build better and newer models!

Use cues from existing models to build a better model still. Embrace the paradox & change the world.

Let the idea kill itself... and this works only with deep conversations.

Learn more about Roger Martin's ideas. I have ordered his books and will review them in the future. :)

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