Saturday, January 17, 2009

Amazing Kids with Cameras

Born into Brothels was created by first time documentarians Zana Briski and Ross Kauffman,. Really it is a labour of love for Briski. She has doveted a lot to the children she documents and how could she not? They are all bright, articulate and survivors despite a dismal upbringing.

The access given to the video makers (shot of dv) is amazing. However, the children are rewarded for their candor. Briski is able to help them despite her doubts.

Like Murderball, Born into Brothels doesn't rely on a great deal of narration. Both films allow the cast to tell the stories. This was true of The Fog Of War as well. I realize that narration isn't as necessary because the participants are still alive and can tell their story. In The Fog Of War the brilliant use tape recording and video/film footage showed that even the dead can have a voice.

What I like about Born into Brothels was it's inclusion of several children instead of just one. After seeing the video you'll want to keep knowing about the kids. There is a 3yr later video in the Special Features or you can go to Kids with Cameras and follow their progress. Perhaps you can support them while you're there!

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