Thursday, January 22, 2009

It's all About Time sometimes...

Jan and I watched A Brief History of Time last night. Copy from library meant using the VCR. Tape is a poor substitue now for digital but the content was what counted.

Errol Morris is a master of finding great characters and inter-cutting atmospheric cutaways! The contrast between interviews, photographs and staged scenes flowed well. Shots of the subject (Stephan Hawking) were always interesting and the voice well done.

Although, the ideas were well beyond us, the story of Hawking's life certainly has an arc and carries the video well. I kept trying to make meaning out of the ideas but depsite Morris' best efforts... I'm not a Physicist so I'm not shattered. :)

As Morris states, no one does "existential dread" like composer Philip Glass.

On my commute home I heard on the CBC that the NFB have just put a lot of their catalogue on-line for streaming. I will be making my way over and posting great video on the site in the future! There is even the trailer for a new film on documentary.

My Errol Morris' First Person Series - The Complete Series arrived in the mail today.

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