Sunday, January 04, 2009

On success with Malcolm Gladwell (a great storyteller!)

I have a soft spot for fellow Canadian Malcolm Gladwell. He has a unique ability to tell a really good story. This interview on Charlie Rose is very good on explaining his take on success with several stories. 

I remember hearing that Chuck Jones said that it takes something like 40,000 drawings to really get to the level required to draw freely. It's the hard work required to be great at something. I think Mr. Gladwell has told stories for years. Now he is indeed a great storyteller.

Listen to Gladwell and see what you think. A great storyteller? He's learned from his mom that "all good writing [storytelling] has clarity."

If you want to hear more of his stories check out his blog on the LV blog roll.

I believe that the most interesting people are interested people!

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