Monday, January 19, 2009

Grizzly Man oh man...

The family and I watched Grizzly Man after breakfast Sunday morning. It haunted me all day...

The video by Werner Herzog started off realitively subtle. However, as we got further into it, it got more and more troubling.

The film follows the last 5 years of Timothy Treadwell's life as he lives amoungst Grizzly bears. Unlike the foxes, with the footage Herzog uses it's hard to believe the Grizzlies do more than tolerate Treadwell. The video tries to give us a sense of the man. A man I would argue was manic. He is very likeable for the most part but snaps quite a bit near the end and we see the inner turmoil through his own lens.

Herzog's narration is unique and insightful. Interviews with people are Errol Morris like in their treatment. At times they are almost comic if not pathetic in my opinion.

Treadwell himself shot some amazing footage. But, in the end it's hard to guage if he was helping or hurting the Grizzlies cause. One can't argue that his was not a live well lived. His death was enevitable my eyes and certainly the eyes of Treadwell.

Want to know more? Check out his web site.

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