Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hoops and Style Hoopla...

Interesting article on slick vs. rough camera work. Gives you samples of the 3 different kinds at the author sees it. Prosumer, Consumer and Flip-like. Obviously, the slicker the look the more expensive the camera, higher the learning curve and time investment required by the user. It's argued that right now rough is more acceptable on blogs then web sites.

I finished watching Hoop Dreams last night (3hrs approx.). It was viewed using my VCR so it looked YouTubish and rough. Rough as the lives these two young men had to endure. Gates and Agee and their families gave the director unbelievable access.
I'd have to say it was humbling to watch at times. I kept hoping the two young men would use the opportunity to embrace school as I had with sports. But I guess previous educational experiences in conjunction with the home lives depicted were too insurmountable.

I give the director, Steve James a ton of credit. I can't imagine the difficulty shooting all this footage in it's day. There were lots of low lighting situations. So kudos to them. Being videotape, there weren't special features to learn more.

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